Attic Insulation Services

The main purpose for insulating the attic is to prevent heat from escaping. When heat escapes, the end result is most often expensive utility bills, and costly repairs due to the growth of mold and ice dams.

With the rising costs of utility bills, business owners and homeowners alike are doing everything they can to control heating expenses. That is where we come in. A properly insulated attic, along with other energy efficient products, will help keep your costs lower during the cold winter months. It also avoids problems from developing.

Ice dams form when heat escapes through the roof and melts the snow or ice. This melted ice then drains down into the gutters. Once the liquid reaches the cooler temperatures, it freezes and creates an ice dam.  This blockage creates leaks that damage the interior of a building as well as the general structure.  They also cause damage to gutters and drains. The expense quickly adds up whenever ice dams form. Proper insulation is one of the main preventative measures you can do to protect your building.

We have several different insulation options for residential buildings offering solutions designed to fit your budget.

Homes 10-15 years + in age are the most common victims of inadequate home insulation. On average about 40% of a home’s energy loss escapes through the attic. Adding insulation is one of the few upgrades you can do to your home that will allow you to actually see a savings every month. It literally pays for itself (click here).


Owens Corning AttiCat(R) expanding blown-in Pink Fiberglass(TM) (click here) is our preferred method. This modern treatment provides a superior and highly efficient blown attic insulation for any home.  This system is mold-resistant, noncorrosive, does not absorb moisture and will not settle. Fiberglass insulation can be installed around pipes, wires and outlets and has the ability to trap the air in little pockets. These little air pockets work with the insulation to help in stopping any heat or cold air from entering the home and or escaping.

Just how much insulation in your attic?  Insulation is measured by an R-Value. The thicker the insulation the greater the R-Value (click here). For a home, the average R-Value is R-50, or roughly 14 inches.

Fiberglass Vs. Foam (click here)

Fiberglass Vs. Cellulose (click here)

Energy Star recommended levels for Wisconsin (click here)

All fiberglass blown-in insulation projects are backed by a 5 year craftsmanship warranty.

All craftsmanship warranties are transferable for the duration of the warranty period.


Over 60% of homes are improperly insulated. The average home in Wisconsin carries an R-19 value which is far under the recommended value. Our Milwaukee Insulation Team is ready for your residential project today. We will assess your current situation, and find the most efficient solution for you.

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