On average, anywhere between 40 to 70 percent of your home’s energy loss escapes through the attic. Yet, many homeowners continue to overlook the importance of having proper attic insulation, as 60 percent of homes are improperly insulated.

In many homes, attics are used as storage instead of livable space, and it can be just as easy to forget about proper insulation as it is to forget about the heirlooms, keepsakes, and mementos stored away up there.

But having proper attic insulation is important, (and we’re not just saying that because we’re a certified contractor), but because proper attic insulation actually saves you money.

Insulation works by trapping air and limiting its movement throughout your home and preventing it from escaping and:

● Keeps cold air in during the summer and out during the winter.
● Keeps hot air out during the summer and in during the winter.

In fact, proper attic insulation improves your home’s overall energy efficiency and lowers the total cost of your utility bills each month.

Proper attic insulation also keeps mold from growing inside your home and ice dams from forming on your home’s roof or in your home’s gutters. As many homeowners unfortunately know, removing mold or eliminating ice dams can be costly. Making sure your attic is properly insulated saves you the cost of mold or ice dam removal down the road. Just another way proper attic insulation saves you money in the long run.

Blown-in loose fill insulation is an excellent choice for properly insulating your home’s attic. This type of insulation consists of mold resistant, non-corrosive fiberglass insulation that is blown into your attic using specialized equipment. Blown-in insulation is also great for insulating around the outlets, pipes, wires, or other common sources of energy loss that are found in your home’s attic.

All of our blown-in fiberglass insulation services are backed by a five-year craftsmanship warranty.

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