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How to Prevent Ice Damming Issues

Ice dams are chunks of ice build-up that can form on the eaves or edges of roofs, preventing melting snow from draining off the roof. Ways to prevent ice dams include snow removal and attic heating regulation.

Six Important Parts of a Roof

There's more to a roof, roof maintenance, and roofing repair than just shingles. Learn about the six different parts of your roof and make informed choices.

Wisconsin Hail 101: A Homeowners Guide to Preparation and Repair

There are steps Wisconsin homeowners can take to prepare for hailstorms and prevent property damage. Use this DIY guide to minimize hail damage.

The Importance Of Nailing Shingles The Right Way

We go above and beyond the manufacturer's requirements to ensure your shingles are nailed correctly and will stay put during natural weather events.

The Importance of Correctly Installing Ice and Water Shield

An Ice and Water shield must be installed correctly to effectively protect your roof from leaks caused by damaging ice dams, wind-driven rain, and snow buildup.

Advantages of Extended Warranties from Certified Roofing Contractors

A standard manufacturer's warranty is 10 years. Learn about all the advantages and benefits of getting an extended warranty through certified roofing contractors.