Q: What is insulated siding?

A: Insulated siding is a type of exterior vinyl siding that has built-in insulation. Typically, the insulation is rigid foam insulation that is attached or laminated to the inside of the siding panel.

Q: What are the benefits of Milwaukee insulation siding? Does insulated siding make a home more energy efficient?

A: One of the biggest benefits of Milwaukee insulation siding is that because it improves energy efficiency, it reduces energy consumption (which translates into reduced air pollution). Plus, insulated siding is manufactured to last more than 50 years, which reduces landfill contributions.

Q: Is insulated siding expensive? How much does it cost to install insulated siding?

A: How much it will cost to install insulated siding depends on the size of your home or building. Insulated siding typically costs 20% – 30% more per square foot to install than vinyl siding. Prices may be higher, however, for higher grades of insulated siding.

Q: How durable is insulated siding? Is it more durable than regular vinyl siding?

A: The durability of insulated siding compares to that of vinyl siding. Like vinyl siding, it is designed to withstand harsh weather, and it requires little to no maintenance. An added benefit of insulated siding over vinyl (not counting increased energy efficiency), is the added strength given by the rigid foam insulation. This rigid foam helps insulated siding resist caving at the joints if bent.

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