Most homeowners understand the importance of repairing their roof when shingles are blowing or falling off, but most don’t stop to consider why the shingles are blowing or falling off. Those that do, typically assume it has to do with the age of the roof or severe weather. In some cases, this may be true, but more often than not, the issue stems from shingles not being nailed properly to the roof during installation.

But many homeowners don’t consider improperly nailed shingles to be that big of an issue. After all, their roof is still covered by the manufacturer’s or extended warranty right?


When shingles aren’t nailed properly and there’s a problem with the roof, any manufacturer’s or extended warranty becomes void, and any repairs won’t be covered. Which is why it’s so vital for homeowners to realize the importance of nailing shingles the correct way during installation. Not only does nailing shingles the right way ensure they won’t blow off or fall off, it also keeps homeowner’s covered under warranty.

Some shingle manufacturers only require four nails per shingle to be covered under warranty, but A Custom To, LLC goes above and beyond the required standard. Our roofers put six nails per shingle to give our customers the extra peace of mind knowing that their home’s roof is covered under warranty for winds up to 130 mph.

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