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When it comes to shingle repair, Milwaukee residents often have unique situations to consider. When shingles are curling, they are more likely to be damaged by wind. Notify a Milwaukee roofing contractor immediately if you notice curling. Remember that the longer you wait, the more serious the damage is likely to get.

Possible Causes of Roof Shingle Curling

There are numerous possible reasons for curling, including:

  • Moisture under shingles. Moisture can build up in your attic, which can lead to wet and dry cycles in your shingles – which can lead to curling.
  • Inadequate ventilation. If your attic isn’t adequately ventilated, heat and moisture can become trapped, which can eventually penetrate the roof and lead to roof shingle curling.
  • Cool weather. Colder weather can cause shingles to curl. This phenomenon is commonly called, “winter shingle curling.” If shingles curl up from the deck when it’s cold and moist out, but then lay down flat as the weather warms, then this is likely the cause. Even though it may appear to be temporary, it’s still important to get a contractor out. When it comes to shingle repair, Milwaukee contractors A Custom To Exterior Services, LLC can help fix you right up.
  • Improper installation. In some cases, the problems with shingle curling can begin as soon as the shingles are placed. Common examples are the application of wet shingles on a dry day, the application of dry shingles on a wet day, or nails that were improperly anchored popping out of the roof.
  • “Fish Mouthing.” This strange phrase refers to buckling at the front of the roof shingle, which usually shows up in a random pattern. It may not affect the durability of the shingle, but it’s still wise to look into shingle repair. Milwaukee homeowners are invited to call A Custom To Exterior Services for a free estimate to help them assess potential causes and shingle repair options.

Shingle Repair Professionals in the Milwaukee Area

The good news is that there are solutions to shingle curling problems. Improving circulation in your attic can go a long way and can pay for itself by extending the life of your roof. A Custom To Exterior Services, LLC, has years of experiencing handling these and other issues involving shingle repair. Milwaukee residents, and those who live in the surrounding areas, are invited to contact us today to receive a free estimate and inspection. Our goal is not just to fix your problem today, but to extend the life of your roof for years to come.

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