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Milwaukee Fiber Cement Siding Questions and Answers

Q: What is fiber cement siding?

A: Milwaukee Fiber cement siding is an exterior covering for buildings. Like vinyl siding, it is used for decoration and protection.

Q: How is fiber cement siding made?

A: Fiber cement siding is made primarily of cement, wood fiber (cellulose) and sand. Fiber cement siding can be made to mimic wood, stucco or masonry, and it is often used to imitate wood siding, shingles and clapboard.

Q: Is fiber cement siding “green” and environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, fiber cement siding is considered a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to vinyl and aluminum siding. Because it lasts so long, it creates little waste, and some manufacturers are now making it from recycled materials.

Q:Can fiber cement siding be used in any climate?

A: Yes, fiber cement siding is durable enough to be used in harsh climates. And, because it resists rot and water damage, it is a great choice for humid and hot environments.