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Education leads to better communication. One of the reasons we have over 400 amazing customer reviews is because we consistently keep our customers in the loop. We are a highly rated siding and roofing contractor in Milwaukee, WI on Angi for a reason! We don’t want you to just trust us with your job. We are happy to empower you with information and answer your tough questions!
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How to Maintain your Chimney

Is your chimney ready for the big guy in the red suit to make his grand entrance? Don’t take the health of your masonry for granted. Ensure the structure is sound with this simple checklist, so your fireplace is safe to use this winter. Stains or Discoloration A white...

Fall Gutter Maintenance and Gutter Guards

Fall is a wonderful time of year. The leaves begin to change colors, football is in full swing and you can get just about anything laced with pumpkin spice. However, all of these beautifully colored fall leaves will soon be falling down and clogging up your gutters....

How to Prevent Ice Damming Issues

Ice dams are chunks of ice build-up that can form on the eaves or edges of roofs, preventing melting snow from draining off the roof. When water gets backed up behind an ice dam, it can leak into your home and cause water damage to walls and ceilings. This damage can...

Six Important Parts of a Roof

When you think of "roof", you probably think of shingles. There's more to a roof, roof maintenance, and roofing repair than just shingles. Let's take a look. Roof Deck Protection Roof deck protection is extremely important to the longevity of your roof.  This layer of...

What R Value do I Need for My Attic?

With below zero wind-chills and snow already on ground, you don’t have to be a member of House Stark from HBO’s “Game of Thrones” to know that “Winter is Coming”. If you’ve lived in Wisconsin for any length of time, you know that winter usually gets a lot worse before...

The Importance Of Nailing Shingles The Right Way

Most homeowners understand the importance of repairing their roof when shingles are blowing or falling off, but most don’t stop to consider why the shingles are blowing or falling off. Those that do, typically assume it has to do with the age of the roof or severe...

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